2020 RATES

(Must be 21 years or older to camp without a parent or guardian)

# Site Type Per Night Weekly Monthly
1 Tent – No Hookups $25 $150 N/A
2 Water & Electric $32.00 $192.00 $576.00
3 50/30 Amp Electric, Water & Sewer $37.00 $222.00 $666.00
4 50 Amp Full Hookup Pull Through $42.00 $240.00 $720.00
5 Cabin 1 & 2 $45.00 $270.00 $810.00
6 Cabin 3 $45.00 $270.00 $810.00
7 Cabin 4 $55.00 $330.00 $990.00

All cabins have a cold water sink, fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and TV.
Bath houses and restrooms are all nearby.


Prices are based on a family of four with one camping unit per site.

  • Holidays Require 3 Day Minimum : Applies to Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day Weekends.
  • Day Visitors : $3.00 each
  • Overnight Visitors : $5.00 each
  • Seasonal Sites : Starting at $1550.00 (with metered electric)
  • Pump out service $10.00 per pump out

Shangri-La by the Lake is pet friendly and welcomes our campers who enjoy traveling and sharing their camping experience with the family dog and / or cat.
However, to ensure all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable time, it is important that you read and abide by the following pet policy:

Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome.
  • If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, please leave it home.
  • If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this type of behavior, the management will ask you to please find other camping accommodations. Breeds that have been identified by our major insurance provider as having a history of unfriendly and aggressive behavior to both other dogs and to humans include: Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.
  • All dogs are required to be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times. A 6′ (six foot) leash rule is in effect whenever the animal is outside of the owner’s camping trailer, vehicle or motorhome. No dog should be left tied up and unattended outside the owner’s camping equipment.
  • Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably day or night will not be permitted and you may be asked to leave if you are not able to control your pet’s barking behavior. Service dogs of any breed are welcome. However, these animals must follow leash restraint policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • Pet owners, please pick up after your pet. I know they would if they had a thumb!

Starting 5/22/20 we will be allowing weekend/ overnight camping

  1. Only one family per site limit 10 and visitor going to be allowed
  2. At this time no visitors are allowed. Must be on the lease or site.
  3. Restrooms will be open. they will be sanitized numerous times a day. Hand washing is mandatory. The store/ office will be open. Limit 3 people in store at once. Please keep a 6′ distance at all the times. Stand directly behind Plexiglas when checking out.
  4. Still no common areas. Playground basketball court will remain closed.
  5. Pool will be opening in a few weeks. Rules to follow.

I understand not everyone agrees with the rules. But it is out of our control. we must follow the guidelines and make the best out of it. We are going to be coming up with some activities that involve social distancing and no contact. Enjoy your weekend!!


We look forward to making this a great time for everyone but we will not tolerate any breaking of these RULES.

The Office phone number is 724 932-5044.

First Visit of the season: All campers must check-in at the office on their first visit to check-in and make sure all paperwork is in order and get any updates and car passes.

Shangri-La by the Lake RV Park and Campground is not responsible for losses due to injury, accident, fire or theft.

Adult Campers are responsible and liable for the supervision, behavior and safety of their children, pets and guest at all times.

Only one family of four plus one camping unit and one vehicle allowed per site. Children 18 years of age or older are counted a adults. All others are visitors and must register at the office. Visitors after 8:00 p.m. will be turned away unless pre-registered. There will be a charge of $3.00 per day, per visitor, with overnight visitors being charged $5.00.

The Speed Limit on all park roads is 5 MPH. NO EXCEPTIONS INCLUDING GOLF CARTS

Golf Carts – Only fully licensed drivers can drive golf carts. Liability insurance is required, must have lights after dark. The Speed limit is the same as for cars. Do not exceed seating capacity.  SLOW DOWN, DO NOT DRIVE AROUND SPEED BUMPS. Register carts at office. All golf carts must have site number on it.

Bicycles – No riding bicycles after dark. The 5 mph speed limit also applies to bicycles. No mini-bikes or ATV’s permitted.

Boats – No boats on campsites. Boats allowed in designated storage area only.

Dumpsters – Please use the dumpsters to dispose of CAMPGROUND trash only. NO BARBECUE GRILLS OR LARGE ITEMS. DOUBLE BAG ALL FISH RAKES. There will be separate receptacles for recycling cans.

Recycle – Please separate cans. Receptacles are available around the campground for recycling.

Firearms – For the safety of all, NO firearms, weapons, or fireworks permitted in the park.

Pets are welcome. They must be leashed with a 6’ lead or less (or in appropriate cage). Pets must not be left unattended. Clean up after your pets. Pets are not allowed on the playground, swimming pool area, or any buildings. Pets must be current on all required shots. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans or mixes of these breeds are not allowed.

Profanity, obscenities, intoxication, or rowdy and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

No moving of fire rings or picnic tables. No cutting of trees or limbs.

Quiet Hours are 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please respect your fellow campers.

WI-FI is available at office.

Last Visit of the season: bring your final electric meter reading to the office make sure we have your paperwork and deposits for 2021.

These rules are not all inclusive. Any behavior we feel is unacceptable, disruptive or destructive will result in immediate ejections of that person with no arguments or refunds.
The playground is for children to have a good time please RESPECT the equipment they are age limits. If you have a concern let the office Manager know. Thank you Shangri-La by the lake campground.